earlier this month, ZTE released a Kickstarter for a crowdfunded cellphone with ideas taken from their network approximately what they wanted to peer in a brand new device. This assignment CSX cellphone had a purpose of $500,000 to be funded, but ZTE has now cancelled the campaign after simplest a hundred ninety people recommend just underneath $37,000.

The Hawkeye concept telephone became supposed to characteristic eye tracking to make one-surpassed use lots easier, as well as be self-adhesive to a variety of surfaces. So what’s ZTE making plans to do with the idea now that the Kickstarter has been formally cancelled? a part of the motive appears to be that consumers weren’t glad with the specs noted inside the Kickstarter web page.

You asked that the prevailing challenge CSX idea – an eye fixed-tracking, self adhesive telephone – be applied on a higher spec’d device than what we initially proposed through Kickstarter. We’ve heard you loud and clear as we’re reevaluating the tool functions which are applied in to the device.

even as the Kickstarter itself is lifeless, ZTE notes that the Hawkeye telephone itself is not. They’re taking the concept again to the drafting board to give you a tool with higher specs, this means that the timeline for launch is being driven returned. ZTE says that all of us nonetheless interested by this concept cellphone ought to head on over to the ZTE community boards to live abreast of latest statistics.